Colonoscopy Prep

A.M. Procedure

Select the appropriate prep from the documents below:

P.M. Procedure

Select the appropriate prep from the documents below:

We want your colonoscopy to be as easy for you as possible.
The resources below will help you prepare for your procedure.

Contact our staff first if:

  • You are unsure which prep you are going to be using (this was a prescription you received).
  • You’ve lost your directions and need to replace them. (There are often special hand written instructions; our staff will need to give these to you over the phone.)
  • You are unsure of the prep timeline.

Watch our new prep videos – here

One Week Prior To Colonoscopy

  • Please notify our nursing staff if you’ve had any major health or medication changes since scheduling your colonoscopy. This could alter your preparation instructions.
  • Arrange for a licensed adult driver to escort you home. After your procedure, you’ll need to wait about 2 hours before leaving. Your driver should stay in the lobby during your procedure. By law, you may not drive the rest of the day after the procedure. Public transportation is not recommended.
  • Please ask for special instructions from our nursing or procedure scheduling staff if you take any blood thinners such as Coumadin, Plavix, Warfarin, Aggrenox, Effient or Ticlid.
  • Make a medication list to bring with you the day of your appointment.

Diabetic Patients

  • Type II – Take 1/2 a dose of diabetic medications during prep.
  • Type I – Contact your managing doctor for additional instructions.

STOP Taking

  • IRON pills
  • Vitamins or herbal supplements (in pill form)
  • Fiber supplements (Metamucil, Citrucel, etc.)

Avoid Eating

  • Seeds, nuts, popcorn, berries

Continue Taking

  • Regular medications unless otherwise noted by office staff or nurse.
  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Excedrin and Tylenol if needed.


  • Review your prep instructions. Verify the pharmacy has your prescription and purchase that along with whatever else might be needed ahead of time.
  • You should have been given a prescription when you scheduled, or had one faxed to your pharmacy.
  • Acceptable clear liquids include, but are not limited to: Water, clear soup, fruit juice without pulp, soft drinks, tea and/or coffee without milk.
  • Important note: Avoid any red or purple liquid, such as cranberry juice or grape juice, as the coloring can interfere with the results of your exam. Also avoid milk, dairy products, and nondairy coffee creamer.

Helpful Hints

  • To prevent irritation, you may apply Vaseline or “Desitin” diaper rash cream to the anal area before you start drinking your laxative. Reapply the ointment after each bowel movement. You may also want to purchase moist bathroom or “Tucks” wipes to help with irritation.


  • Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water during your preparation.


  • Your check-in time should be listed on your prep instructions. Note that your check in time is before your appointment time. Please arrive by your check-in time.