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Hello, we are going to walk you through the Colonoscopy constipation preparation prescribed by your doctor.

Relax, it’s easier than you think!

First—purchase the supplies to prep for your procedure.

These supplies may vary depending upon your instructions given to you by our office

Just a reminder, in the week before your procedure you should have stopped eating popcorn or anything with seeds, nuts, or berries.  If you did, please contact our office to discuss. 503-399-7520

And, you should have stopped taking your vitamins, herbal supplements, or iron pills.

If you are a diabetic or on a blood thinner, refer to your special instructions.

Two days before your procedure when you wake-up, STOP! 

DO NOT EAT breakfast. No solid foods. No soft foods. No dairy products. DRINK CLEAR LIQUIDS ONLY.

DO NOT EAT ANY SOLID FOODS OR DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR TWO DAYS…we know…you’re going to be hungry but you CAN DO THIS!

Plan to drink 8 glasses (or 64 ounces) of clear liquids throughout the days and evenings in addition to your bowel prep mixture.

Hint: Be sure to stock up on a variety of options, as this will make your prep time a bit easier

Clear liquid choices may include:

  • Water…
  • Sports drinks…
  • Black coffee or tea…
  • Light or dark soda…
  • Clear Chicken or beef broth…
  • Jell-O…
  • Popsicles…
  • And juice without pulp, such as apple juice or white grape juice.


Be sure to avoid any red and purple liquids! They can look like blood in the colon. And, no alcoholic beverages.

The more you drink the better your prep works, and you won’t feel as hungry or become dehydrated.

At noon, two days before your procedure, refer to your prep instructions from our office (NOT FROM THE PHARMACY AND NOT ON THE BOX), and follow OUR OFFICE’S instructions to begin the prep. If you cannot locate your instructions, please call us! 503-399-7520

As you begin the prep for your procedure, you’ll want to stick pretty close to the rest room. Trust us!

When it’s time to mix up and start drinking your bowel prep.  

Continue to follow the instructions.

Each time you drink the solution, be sure to stir or shake well. This helps to ensure that you’re drinking a series of even doses.

Remember to drink water or other clear liquids every hour you are awake.

Then, two hours before your arrival time, take your regularly prescribed medications, except diabetic medications and blood thinners.

If you are diabetic, please DO NOT take your insulin the morning of the procedure. But DO bring it to your appointment.

if you use an inhaler, please also bring that to your appointment.

Ok… It’s time for a big sigh of relief— don’t drink or eat anything else for 2-hours before your arrival time.

No water or ice…

No gum…

No tobacco products…



Now it’s time to just relax. Please be sure you arrive on time per your prep instructions and we’ll take it from there.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at ((503) 399-7520.

Now, let’s talk about what to expect after your procedure:

Carefully read your post-operative instruction sheet that came with your procedure report.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms after your procedure, contact our office immediately at 503-399-7520 and ask to speak with a nurse or the after-hours doctor on call.

Thank you again for choosing Salem Gastroenterology.