Our office is offering a new referral process for colon cancer screening of healthy patients. This new program is designed for referring physicians who seek improved patient access for colon cancer screenings, and/or those who want to avoid unnecessary or redundant office visits.

The following conditions apply

  • Must be 75 years or younger
  • Must be medically stable
  • Must not be on a major blood-thinning medication
  • Express Colonoscopy Scheduling can apply to diagnoses including:
    • Age-appropriate colon cancer screening
    • Personal history of colon polyps or colon cancer
    • Polyp found on flexible sigmoidoscopy
    • Family history of colon polyps or colon cancer
    • Hemoccult positive stool
    • Asymptomatic, constipation or change in bowel habits

Pre-Register Online

Patients who qualify for this new program can pre-register online. There are no office visits, no co-pays and no extra trip to our facility.

Through this service, we are trying to both improve access and convenience for colon cancer screening.

Contact our procedure scheduling department (503.399.7520, option #2) for more details, or to see if you qualify.