Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note

One week before your procedure DO NOT eat non-fat products containing olean or olestra. These leave a thick film on your colon wall making your colonoscopy very difficult.

Helpful Hints

You should coat your rectum with Vaseline or Desitin before you start drinking your laxative to help with irritation. Reapply after every bowel movement. You may also want to purchase moist bathroom wipes or Tucks wipes to help with irritation in between bowel movements.

Our doctors highly recommend drinking Gatorade or Powerade the day before your laxative prep and during your prep to prevent dehydration. However, DO NOT drink any liquid with red color.

Colonoscopy FAQs

➕ How long will this procedure take?
➕ Do I have to drink all the prep?
➕ What if I don’t like the taste of the prep?
➕ When will I begin having watery poop, and what should I do if it doesn’t start?
➕ My prep made me throw up or I am having a hard time finishing it. What should I do?
➕ What is a clear liquid?
➕ Can I take my medications during prep?
➕ What should I do if I get low blood sugar?
➕ Can I come for my colonoscopy if I have a cold?
➕ I take antibiotics before my dental procedures because of a heart murmur. Will I need them before the procedure?
➕ I didn’t follow the prep instructions about food and drink. Can I still have the procedure?
➕ Can I take herbal supplements before the procedure?
➕ My bottom is sore and itchy. May I use something for this?
➕ Can I drive myself home? Can I walk home, or take a bus or taxi?
➕ Does someone really have to stay with me the whole time?