What is a consultation?

A doctor or hospital can refer you to Salem Gastro for a consultation. You may also contact us directly for a second opinion or as a first step in getting treatment for your symptoms.

During the consultation, you will visit with a specialist to discuss your symptoms and determine if a procedure is needed. A physician or physician’s assistant can perform the consultation, which includes an in-depth review of your symptoms, a physical exam, an assessment of your health history, and recommendations for additional testing if necessary.

Please feel free to ask any questions during this time to make sure you fully understand your symptoms and the procedure you might undergo.

Who would need one?

You would need a consultation if you’ve been referred to us or if you have symptoms you feel your primary care physician can’t address. New patients in need of chronic illness management would also need a consultation.

How do I set up a consultation?

If you are referred to Salem Gastro, you will need to contact us to set up your consultation. If you have not been referred, you can still call us directly at 503.399.7520 to schedule an appointment.