Medical Records

Important Steps

  • Complete all fields on the authorization form(s) when requesting the release of records.
  • After the form(s) are signed and dated, mail or fax the information to the number indicated at the top of the form.
  • Typical processing time to request medical records is seven to ten business days, depending on the availability of the medical record.

Please bring a list of all your medications, as well as any pertinent medical records and X-rays. Your primary care physician should be able to request copies of lab work, X-ray reports, or other information. You can bring them with you, of course, mail them to our office, or fax them. Please let us know if you need assistance in obtaining your records and we’ll be happy to help (503) 399-7520 option 5.

To request medical records from Salem Gastro or to request your records be sent to Salem Gastro from other healthcare facilities use this form:

To request records from Salem Gastro electronically

  • Call our medical record department
  • Request through our secure patient portal
  • Fill out an Authorization for the Release of Medical Information