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General Preparation for Colonoscopy

General Colonoscopy Prep – if you are constipated

Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

Colonoscopy FAQs

➕ How long will this procedure take?
➕ Do I have to drink all the prep?
➕ What if I don’t like the taste of the prep?
➕ When will I begin having watery poop, and what should I do if it doesn’t start?
➕ My prep made me throw up. What should I do?
➕ What is a clear liquid?
➕ Can I take my medications during prep?
➕ What should I do if I get low blood sugar?
➕ Can I come for my colonoscopy if I have a cold?
➕ I take antibiotics before my dental procedures because of a heart murmur. Will I need them before the procedure?
➕ I didn’t follow the prep instructions about food and drink. Can I still have the procedure?
➕ Can I take herbal supplements before the procedure?
➕ My bottom is sore and itchy. May I use something for this?
➕ Can I drive myself home? Can I walk home, or take a bus or taxi?
➕ Does someone really have to stay with me the whole time?