Why select an Outpatient Surgery Center?

Patients that choose to use an outpatient surgery center, such as the one at Salem Endoscopy, find the process convenient and personal. We offer a relaxed environment with staff who focus on your individual care.

Other benefits of an outpatient surgery center:

  • One Location

    Our patient registration, waiting area, procedure rooms and recovery rooms are all in one convenient location.

  • Scheduling Options

    We offer a number of scheduling options to meet your needs.

  • Ease of Use

    Because we are focused on a limited number of procedures, most patients find we are much easier to use than a hospital.

  • Reduced Cross Infection

    We see procedural patients only, so there is less opportunity for someone else’s illness to become yours.

  • Focus on the Patient

    We know how many patients we will serve each day and can schedule staff appropriately to ensure you receive the best care possible.

  • Reduced Cost

    We do not have the overhead of a hospital that offers a wide range of procedures. Our center is able to perform your procedure with a high level of care and specialized attention, but at a lower cost.